Simple programming rules I like

by trivektor

It was while reading this post that I found a comment by Patrick Balleux which I really like and want to share with everyone

“Good coding style is often limited by the language and the time allowed to solve the problem.

Bad code is often generated with short dead lines and by dreamers. When I say “dreamers”, I’m thinking about those trying to prove the world that they can create an amazing new framework where their code will solve everything.

I follow those simple rules:

– make it work, then make it clean, then make it fast
– if it looks cool, this is a bad idea
– if it does everything, it will do nothing
– if it need comments, it’s badly coded

Code should be easy to understand. Would you read a book if you were required to use a dictionary to understand each line? Same applies to code.

The quality of code often represents the understanding of the issue to solve. The first step if to have a clean design, well documented. No coding should happen if you cannot understand the requirements first.

My 2 cents”
Patrick Balleux